Algae. 2004; 19(1): 69-78.
Variation of Species Composition of Benthic Algae and Whitening in the Coast of Dokdo Island during Summer
Mi-Kyung Kim*, Jae-Ki Shin1 and Jae-Hun Cha2
Marine Science Research Center, Yeungnam University,Gyongsan 712-749, 1Korea
Instiute of Water and Environment, Korea
Water Resources Corporation, Daejon 305-730 and 2Korea
n Environmental Research Center for Hydrosphere, Ansan 425-180, Korea
This study was to clarify the variations in a marine ecosystem through examining the species composition of benthic algae in the coast of Dokdo Island during summer (June & August, 2003). The total number of species found in benthic algae was 45 composed of 11% green algae, 29% red algae and 60% brown algae. The dominant species were Enteromorpha linza, Cladophora spp. and Codium frgile for green algae, Ecklonia cave, Eisenia bicyclis, Sargassum confusum, S. patens, S. horneri, Myagropsis myagroides for brown algae and Amphiroa cphedrace. A pusilla, Lithophyllum okamurae, Corallina spp. Laurencia pinnata, L. hamata, Chondria crassicaulit, C. dasyphylla, Gelidium amansii, Neosiphonia yendoi and Polysiphonia yendoi for red algae. The number of benthic algal species decreased more in this study than in previous researches. The whitening of the rocky shore might provoke the decrease of benthic algal biomass and species.
Keywords : benthic algae; Dokdo Island; species composition; summer; whitening