Algae. 2003; 18(1): 95-100.
Quality Improvement of Dried Sheets of Porphyra Using Recombinant Wild-Type in P. yezoensis (Bangiales, Rhodophyta)
Jong-Ahm Shin
Division of Aqualife Science, Yosu National University, Yeosu 550-749, Korea
The green-type and the red-type pigmentation mutant of Porphyra yezoensis were used to make the recombinant wild-type (ZGRW) by the cross experiment. This ZGRW was cultivated to determine its characteristic properties. The local cultivar was grown as a control. The quality of dried products was compared with the local cultivar in terms of the photosynthetic pigments content of gametothalli, the color, luster and flavor substances of dried sheets. The contents of chlorophyll a, phycoerythrin and phycocyanin of the ZGRW were higher than those of the local cultivars. The color and luster of dried sheets of the ZGRW showed better quality than those of the local cultivars. The concentration of dimethyl sulfide of the ZGRW was higher than that of local cultivars. The quality of the ZGRW was better than that of the local cultivars.
Keywords : color, cross breeding, flavor substances, luster, photosynthetic pigment content, pigmentation mutant,