Algae. 2002; 17(2): 127-133.
Laboratory, Field and Deep Seawater Culture of Eucheuma serra-a High Lectin Yielding Red Alga
Dinabandhu Sahoo, Masao Ohno, Masanori Hiraoka
Marine Biotechnology Laboratory, Department of Botany, University of Delhi, Usa Marine Biological Institute, Kochi University
The red seaweed Eucheuma serra is a high yielding source of lectins. The plants were collected from a depth of 5-6 meters and cultured in the laboratory, field and deep seawater. A Daily Growth Rate (DGR) of 3.5% was observed at 18℃ with a low light of 30 μmol photon m-2?s-1 in the laboratory. When the plants were cultured in the field at different depths during winter months of December and January, best growth was observed at 1 m depth and a DGR of 2.14±0.04% was recorded. The plants grown in the tank with a continuous supply of deep seawater showed a DGR of 8.2%. The results indicate that E. serra can be cultivated in large scale both in deep seawater in the tank and in the field for the extraction of lectins at a commercial scale.
Keywords : Eucheuma serra, Deep seawater culture