Algae. 1989; 4(2): 97-106.
Taxonomy on the Elachistaceae (Chordariales, Phaeophyta) with Special Reference to Korean Plants
Yong Pil Lee
Department of Biology, Cheju National University
Generic circumscription of the Elachistaceae is investigated with the plants from Korean coast. Elachista, Halothrix and Leptonematella are delineated by medullary construction, presence or absence of paraphyses, and the mode of plurilocular sporangial formation. Portphillipia is appraised for a distinct genus of the Elachistaceae in having a medulla composed of fine and linear filaments without agglutination as the medulla of Elachista nipponica. Interspecific relation among the members of Elachista is discussed on the basis of medullary construction.
Keywords : Taxonomy, Elachistaceae, Elachista, Halothrix, Leptonematella, Portphillipia