Algae. 1989; 4(2): 69-78.
The Diatom Genus Coscinodiscus Ehrenberg: C. jonesianus (Ehrenb.) Ostenfeld
Jin Hwan Lee
Department of Biology, Sangmyung Women's University
Coscinodiscus jonesianus (Ehrenb.) Ostenfeld has been examined for the morphological comparisons between Korean specimens and the specimens of Galveston Bay, Timbal Bay and the Gulf of Mexico. The cone-shaped top of the external macro-labiate processes in the Gulf of Mexico specimens were slightly depressed with grooves in the central part. but those of Korea have a sharp spine-like process in the same area. All specimens showed incomplete radial rows and strutted precesses, but the position of strutted processes in Korean specimens were not located on the origin of the incomplete radial rows of areolae.
Keywords : Coscinodiscus, diatom, taxonomy