Algae. 2007; 22(4): 305-311.
Summer Algal Flora of Uninhabited Islands in Dochodo, Southwestern Coast of Korea
Chan Sun Park1, Mi Young Wee1 and Eun Kyoung Hwang2*
1Department of Marine and Fisheries Resources, Mokpo National University, Jeonnam 534-729, Korea
2Seaweed Research Center, NFRDI, Jeonnam 530-831, Korea
The summer algal flora and community of 15 uninhabited islands in Dochodo, southwestern coast of Korea, were investigated from 9 June to 16 September 2007. A total 53 species (10 green, 14 brown and 29 red algae) of marine algae were identified. Among 15 uninhabited islands, the number of species observed was the highest as 33 species at Jeongdo and Gyeongchido the least as 24 species at Hugdo and Mido. The dominant species were Enteromorpha compressa, Ishige okamurae, Gloiopeltis furcata, Ulva pertusa and Sargassum thunbergii. The algal zonation of intertidal zone was figured out by Gloiopeltis furcata, Caulacanthus okamurae ? Ulva pertusa, Sargassum thungergii ? Gelidium amansii, Sargassum horneri from upper to lower zone. The flora investigated could be classified into six functional groups such as coarsely branched form (39.6%), filamentous form (25.8%), sheet form (14.1%), thick leathery form (9.9%), jointed calcarious form (5.6%) and crustose form algae (4.9%).
Keywords : algal flora, community, Dochodo, intertidal zone, uninhabited islands