Algae. 2007; 22(3): 147-152.
Two Freshwater Cryptomonads New to Korea: Cryptomonas marssonii and C. pyrenoidifera
Jee-Hwan Kim, Sung Min Boo and Woongghi Shin*
Department of Biology, Chungnam National University, Daejeon 305-764, Korea
We described two brownish freshwater Cryptomonas species, C. marssonii Skuja and C. pyrenoidifera Geitler as first records in Korea. The identification was based on light microscopy, scanning electron microscopy, and nuclear SSU rDNA sequences analysis. Cryptomonas marssonii is characterized by its sigmoid shape with a sharply pointed and dorsally curved antapex, dorso-ventrally flattened cell, two lateral plastids without pyrenoid, and its dimension of 18-25 μm in length and 8-13 μm in width. Cryptomonas pyrenoidifera is characterized by ovoid to elliptical shape with a partially twisted or rounded antapex, dorso-ventrally biconvex cell, lateral plastids with two pyrenoids, and the dimensions of 15-22 μm in length and 10-14 μm in width. Nuclear SSU rDNA sequences between C. marssonii WCK01 from Korea and CCAC0086 from Gernmay, and between C. pyrenoidifera WCK02 from Korea and CCMP152 from Australia were identical, respectively.
Keywords : Cryptomonas marssonii, C. pyrenoidifera, Cryptophyceae, morphology, nuclear SSU rDNA sequences