Algae. 2006; 21(2): 169-174.
Morphology and Molecular Data for Antarctic Cryophilic Microalga, Porosira pseudodenticulata
Woongsic Jung, Hyoung Min Joo, Sung Soo Hong, Jae-Shin Kang, Han-Gu Choi and Sung-Ho Kang*
Polar Research Institute, 7-50 Songdo-dong, Yeonsu-gu, Incheon, 406-840, Korea
We have cultured more than 100 Arctic and Antarctic cryophilic microalgal strains in KOPRI culture collections of polar microorganisms (KCCPM). Among them, we tried to identify an Antarctic strain, KOPRI AnM0008 by morphological and molecular analysis. Nuclear SSU rDNA and plastid rbcL sequences were used to identify the strain. It was identified as Porosira pseudodenticulata based on SSU sequence data showing 99% identity with GenBank X85398. This result was supported by morphological features like solitary labiate process, external foramina and internal cribra by optical and scanning electron microscope. Morphological identification and molecular analysis on polar cryophilic microalgae will be accomplished to construct the databases for KCCPM.
Keywords : cryophilic microalgae, molecular analysis, Porosira pseudodenticulata, rbcL, SSU rDNA