Algae. 2004; 19(3): 207-216.
Photosynthetic Performances of Temperate Sargassum and Kelp Species Growing in the Same Habitat
Murakami, Hiroshige Serisawa, Yukihiko Kurashima, Akira Yokohama, Yasutsugu
Characteristics of photosynthesis-light and photosynthesis-temperature relationships were seasonally compared among 4 species, two temperate Sargassurn (S. ringgoldianum and S. spathulophyllum) and two temperate kelp (Ecklonia cava and Eisenia bicyclis), growing in the same habitat in Oura Bay, Shimoda, central Japan. The photosynthesis-irradiance (P-I) curve of each species at the in situ temperature and the photosynthesis-temperature (P-T) curve at near saturation irradiance (400μmol·m^(-2)·s^(-1)) were determined by using differential gas-volumeters. Maximum photosynthetic rates (Prnax) for P-I curves of the two Sargassurn species were higher from summer to autumn than from winter to spring, while those of the two kelp species showed little difference among seasons. Net photosynthetic rates (Pn) at 100-400μmol·m^(-2)·s^(-1) of the Sargassurn species were higher than those of the kelp species in autumn, spring and summer, while in winter the rates were about the same between the Sargassurn and kelp species. Among seasons, the light saturation index (1k) values, dark respiration rates and light compensation points of Sargassurn species differed more than those of kelp species. Optimum temperature for P-T curves of Sargassurn species was 29℃ and that of kelp species was 27℃ in summer, while in winter the former was 27℃ and the latter was 25℃. Pn at 400 μmol·m^(-2)·s^(-1) at 10-33℃ of Sargassurn species were considerably higher than those of kelp species from spring to summer, while from autumn to winter the rates at 5-27℃ were about the same between the two. At supra-optimum temperatures, Pn of kelp species decreased more sharply than those of Sargassurn species in each season. These facts indicate that the two temperate Sargassurn species have a higher potential photosynthetic performance under warmer conditions than the two temperate kelp species even though they grow in the same habitat.
Keywords : Ecklonia cava; Eisenia bicyclis; Fucales; Laminariales; photosynthesis; Sargassum ringgoldianum; Sargassum spathulophyllum