Algae. 2004; 19(1): 23-30.
Effect of Hydrautic-Gun-Aerators on Cyanobacterial Bloom in a Sayeon Dam reservoir
Jung Ho Lee
Department of Biology Education, Daegu University, Gyungbuk 712-714, Korea
The purpose of this study is to assess the effects that hydraulic-gun-aerators have on cyanobactedial bloom in Sayeon Dam Reservoir in Ulsan City, Korea. A total of nine hydraulic-gun-aerators are in operation at the reservoir withe 100 m spacing between each aerator to control severe cyanobacterial bloom in the dam reservoir. The field studies were performed an total four times at two sampling stations in the reservoir from July to August in 2001. The standing crops of phytoplankton did not changed significantly by the operation. The cell concentration of the cyanobacteria at the surface layer were reduced about 10%, which is a poor result for the dispersing cyandobacteria deeper into the water. The average surface temperature during the study was reduced by 2.0oC by the hydraulic-gun-aerators. The effect of the operation on the vertical distribution of DO concentration was clear. However, the hydraulic-gun-aerators were not expected to have an effect in the lowest layer of the hypolimnion. In the study, it was proposed that installation distance between each hydraulic-gun-aerator would be proper when they are apart about 120 m based on DO depth profiles.
Keywords : cyanobacterial bloom; DO concentration; hydraulic-aerator; Sayeon dam reservoir; temperature