Algae. 2004; 19(1): 15-22.
Temporal and Spatial Dynamics of an Epilithic Algal Community in the Hantan River
Yong-Jae Kim*
Deparment of Life Science, Natural Science, Daejin University, Pochun, Gyunggi, 487-711, South Korea
This study investigated the temporal and spatial dynamics of an epilithic algal community in the Hantan River in November 2001, February, May and August 2002. It was identified a total of an epiphlithic 301 taxa which were composed of 275 species, 16 varieties and 10 unidentified species. The standing crops ranged between 598,600-16,525,200 cells cm2 and showed the temporal and spatial variations, A higher value was found at the lower station than the upper station in winter, but a higher value was found at the upper station than the lower station in summer due to the effects of typhoons. Chlorophyll concentrations ranged between 13.4-304.2 ug cm2. Standing crops and chlorophyll showed similar trends in autumn and winter, but temporal dynamics were not apparent in the overgrowth of Lyngbya, Schizothrix and so others in Cyanophyceae in spring and summer. They were composed of species in Chlorophyceae-Bascillariophyceae-Cyanophyceae and no seasonal effect was detected. Low diversity index values probably indicated the effects of environmental stresses (water temperature, flow and current velocity) other than organic pollution. An assessment of organic pollution using epilithic diatoms (DAIpo) showed a-oligosaprobic states at the upper- and mid- stations, and a-mesosaprobic states at the lower- stations.
Keywords : chlorophyll-a, DAIpo, diversity index, dynamics, epilithic algae