Algae. 2003; 18(4): 355-360.
A Study on the Lysis of a Bluegreen Alga Anabaena cylindrica by a Bacterium
Chul-Ho Kim, O-Seob Kwon, Jin-Ae Lee
Department of Microbiological Engineering, Jinju National University, Division of Environmental Science and Engineering, Inje University
A Gram (-), rod-shaped bacterium in size of 1.6-2.8 ×0.4㎛ was isolated from a eutrophic reservoir, which exhibited growth-inhibiting effect against a bluegreen alga (Anabaena cylindrica). This isolate showed positive reactions for catalase and oxidase, and optimal conditions of 35-40℃ and pH 9.0. This isolate was designated AC-1 in this manuscript. In a mixed-culture of A. cylindrica and AC-1, their growth patterns were inversely correlated and the bluegreen algal vegetative cells completely disappeared within 24-36 hours. AC-1 showed similar lytic activity in natural water as in an artificial medium. The lytic activity of AC-1 was dependent on the photosynthetic activity of A. cylindrica. When observed under phase contrast microscope, the isolate lysed vegetative cells of A. cylindrica in scattered state in a liquid medium, whereas heterocysts have not been lysed.
Keywords : Anabaena cylindrica, bacteria, bluegreen alga, lysis