Algae. 2003; 18(4): 349-354.
Accumulation of Heavy Metals in Korean Marine Seaweeds
Shin Young Kim, M. Sidharthan, yong Hoon Yoo, Chi Young Lim, Jin Hyung Joo, Jong Su Yoo, Hyun Woung Shin
Medical research Center, Kangnamjeil Hospital, Department of Marine Biotechnology, Soonchunhyang University, Department of Animals Science, University of Hawaii, Research Institute of marine Science and Technology, Korea
Maritime University
This paper reports that the heavy metal accumulation in marine seaweeds. Algal samples collected from Korean coast were analyzed to determine the concentrations of Cu, Cd, Cr, Zn and Pb. In general, heavy metals were found to be concentrated in many kinds of Korean seaweeds. The concentration levels of accumulated heavy metals in the marine seaweeds was in the following order: Zn>Cu>Cr>P{b>Cd. The concentrations of the heavy metals in the seawater were the highest in lyajin harbor. Sargassum horneri, a brown alga accumulated high concentrations of Cu (80.66㎍ㆍg-1 dw) and Cr (31.54 ㎍ㆍg-1 dw). The high concentraitons of heavy metals were accumulated in the brown algae.
Keywords : accumulation, East Cost, heavy metal, seaweeds