Algae. 2003; 18(1): 65-69.
A Simple Method for DNA Extraction from Red Algae
Yoo Kyung Lee, Hong Kum Lee
National Research Lab for Marine Microbial Diversity, Korea
Ocean Research and Development institute
A simple method is described for extracting DNA from marine red algae from which it has been difficult to isolate DNA because of their polysaccharides and phenolic compounds. In this DNA extraction method, the red algae were lysed mechanically by freezing and grinding in liquid nitrogen, and chemically by SDS. Then, the DNA was purified in phenol/chloroform, and precipitated in isopropanol. This method was applied to Antithamnion sparsum, Campylaephora crassa, Gelidium amansii, Griffithsia japonica, Polysiphonia morrowii, Porphyra yezoensis, and Symphyocladia latiuscula. The DNA extracted by this method is high yield and high quality for molecular analyses, such as PCR, sequencing, restriction enzyme digestion, and genomic DNA library construction. This method is reproducible, simple, and fast for routine DNA extraction from red algae.
Keywords : Antithamnion, Campylaephora, DNA extraction, Gelidium, Griffithsia, Polysiphonia, Porphyra, Symphyocladia