Algae. 2003; 18(1): 101-106.
Notes on Marine Algae from Jeju Island-Ⅱ
Yongpil Lee, Byeongseok Kim
Department of Biology, Cheju National University
Two species of brown algae, Dictyota friabilis Setchell and Punctaria projecta Yamada, are found in the coast around Jeju Island. D. friabilis occurs on geniculate coralline algal beds in the lower tidal zone, which is characterized in the decumbent, entangled habit, subdichotomously bifurcate in several times, and somewhat prominent apical portion. P. projecta is epiphytic on other algae, which is characterized in simple, lanceolate to fusiform, coarsely undulate and cortical cells slightly projecting outward.
Keywords : Dictyota friabilis, Punctaria projecta