Algae. 2002; 17(2): 75-81.
Phylogenetic Relationships between Ulva conglobata and U. pertusa from Jeju Island Inferred from nrDNA ITS 2 Sequences
Sae-Hoon Kang, Ki-Wan Lee
Faculty of Applied Marine Sciences, Cheju National University
In this study, the length of ITS2 from four species of the Ulvaceae in Jeju Island varied between 167 and 203 bp. The results of this investigation showed that two genus, Ulva and Enteromorpha are grouped in a monophyletic assemblage with 100% bootstrap support in all phylogenetic trees. However, a thorough examination of these characters from representatives does not provided a way to identify any unique morphological features of clades in this tree. This study reveals that Ulva conglobata and Ulva pertusa belong to one clade in the phylogenetic tree with the samples from Jeju Island, Korea.
Keywords : Enteromorpha, ITS 2, Jeju (Cheju), phylogrnetic relationship, Ulva