Algae. 2002; 17(2): 71-74.
Zostera geojeensis, a New Species of Seagrass from Korea
Hyunchur Shin, Kang-Hyun Cho, Yoon Sik Oh
Division of Biological Sciences, Soonchunhyang University, Department of Biology, Inha University, Division of Life Sciences, Gyeongsang National University
Zostera geojeensis, a new species from Geojedo Island located on the south coast of Korea, is described and compared with other related species of Zostera. It is very similar to Z. caespitosa Miki in having congested internodes of rhizomes but differs distinctly from that by having obtuse or cuspidate and transparent leaf margins at apices.
Keywords : new species, seagrass, Zostera geojeensis