Algae. 1998; 13(2): 165-172.
Notes on Little-known Algae in Korea (I)
Hae-Bok Lee, Jong-In Kim, Jae-Wan Lee, Byoung-Geon Oh
Department of Biology, Chongju University, Department of Environment Management, Naju College
Three species of marine benthic algae new to Korea are reported. Among them Entocladia viridis(Chlorophyta) is tiny and epiphytic on other macroalgae, and Pikea californica and Ahnfeltiopsis catenata(Rhodophyta) are saxicolous on intertidal to subtidal substrata. The morphotaxonomic characteristics of them are described.
Keywords : Ahnfeltiopsis catenata, Entocladia viridis, Pikea californica