Algae. 1997; 12(3): 167-176.
Taxonomic Implications of the Genus Microcystis (Cyanophyceae) from the Naktong River
Jin-Ae Lee, Ae-Ran Choi, Masayuki Watanabe
Department of Environmental Science, Inje University, Department of Botany, National Science Museum
Six species of the genus Microcystis, M. incerta, M. viridis, M. wesenbergii, M. novacekii, M. ichthyoblabe and M. aeruginosa, are described with the samples from the 11 stations of the Naktong River to have taxonomic consideration based on morphological variation in the natural habitat. The criteria of species identification are mainly the cell size and content. the shape of the colony, the nature of colonial sheath and the cell arrangement in colony, Microcystis aeruginosa is the most common species of the phytoplankton community and the species is the major component of the heavy water bloom in the Naktong River system. The species shows cell size differentiations such as 3.6~4.6 μm and 4.4~6.6 μm in diameter. The smaller type of the species is more abundant in the estuary of the Naktong River, which occasionally have salt intrusion from the sea.
Keywords : Cyanophyceae, Microcystis, morphology, Naktong River, taxonomy