Algae. 1997; 12(3): 159-165.
Taxonomic Studies on Some Species of Pediastrum Meyen in Korea
Mi-Ran Kim, Yoon-Kyung Chang
Department of Biology, Sookmyung Women's University
Twenty-seven strains of Pediastrum were isolated from collections made at twenty-five localities in Korea. The isolates were cultured in the laboratory and classified by observing the process of coenobia formation, shape of the cells and ultrastructure of cell wall using SEM. Four species and five varieties of Pediastrum were identified. Among them, Pediastrum duplex var. asperum (A. Braun) Hansgirg, P. duplex var. punctatum (Krieger) Parra and P. duplex var. rugulosum Raciborski were reported for the first time in Korea. Ultrastructure of the cell wall, shaped of the peripheral cells were the most reliable features in Pediastrum taxonomy.
Keywords : cell wall ultrastructure, Chlorococcales, Pediastrum