Algae. 1989; 4(2): 79-85.
A Taxonomic Study of the Genus Scenedesmus in Korea
Yoon Kyung Chang, Sun Sook Ann
Department of Biology, Sookmyung Women's University
S. armatus Chodat, S. bicaudatus (Hansg.) Chodat, S. communis Hegewald, S. ellipsoideus Chodat, S. intermedius Chodat, S. maximus ( G.S. West) Chodat, S. quadricauda Chodat and S. quadricauda var. biornatus Kiss were isolated and cultured in the laboratory. Morphological variations of the coenobia and ultrastructure of the cell wall of each isolate were observed. Strains of S. armatus, S. bicaudatus, S. communis, S. maximus and S. quadricauda var. biornatus were proved to have stable colony type, while S. ellipsoideus, S. intermedius, S. quadricauda produced various colony types. The cell size and shape were stable as a taxonomic character whereas distribution pattern of spines on the coenobium and mode of cell arrangement in the coenobium were quite variable. The ultrastructure of the cell wall surface was proved to be an excellent taxonomic character for identifying those species which produced morphologically simillar colony types in culture.
Keywords : culture, morphological variation, Scenedesmus, SEM, taxonomy