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In this issue:

1 Morphological Study of Centric Diatom Coscinodiscus oculus-iridis Ehrenberg
Eun Jin Yang, Joong Ki Choi
Algae. 1996;11(1):1-7.
9 Fine Morphology of Some Cyclotella Species from the Freshwater Zone of the Naktong River
Kyung-Je Cho
Algae. 1996;11(1):9-21.
23 Morphological Variations of the Marine Diatom Thalassiosira weissflogii under Culture Conditions
Jae-Shin Kang, Hyung-Sun Kim, Jin Hwan Lee
Algae. 1996;11(1):23-34.
35 Morphotaxonomic Studies on the Korean Charophyta I. Four Taxa of Nitella Agardh New to Korea
Kwang Chul Choi, Young Hwan Kim, Dumun Choe
Algae. 1996;11(1):35-43.
45 Morphotaxonomic Studies on the Korean Ectocarpaceae (Phaeophyta) IV. Botrytella parvus (Takamatsu) comb. nov., Life History and Morphogenesis Based on Light-Temperature Gradient Culture
Hyung-Seop Kim
Algae. 1996;11(1):45-57.
59 Note on the Dictyotaceae (Phaeophyta) from Ullungdo Island, Korea
Wook Jae Lee, In Kyu Lee
Algae. 1996;11(1):59-64.
65 Field Studies of the Brown Alga Pelvetia siliquosa with Implications for Taxonomy and Distribution
Hyun Sook Song, Kyung Suk Seo, Sung Min Boo
Algae. 1996;11(1):65-71.
73 A Taxonomy of the Genus Corallina (Corallinaceae, Rhodophyta) in Korea
Ji Hee Kim, Do Sung Choi, In Kyu Lee
Algae. 1996;11(1):73-80.
81 Morphology of Three Species of Gloiopeltis (Endocladiaceae, Rhodophyta) in Korea
Byoung-Geon Oh, Hae-Bok Lee
Algae. 1996;11(1):81-90.
91 Morphological Variations of Gloiopeltis furcata (Postels et Ruprecht) J. Agardh (Rhodophyta) in the East Coast of Korea
Jae Wan Lee, Byoung-Geon Oh, Hae-Bok Lee
Algae. 1996;11(1):91-94.
95 Monosporus inkyui sp. nov. from Korea (Ceramiales, Rhodophyta)
Gwang Hoon Kim, Do Sung Choi
Algae. 1996;11(1):95-100.
101 Haraldiophyllum (Rhodophyta): a Delesseriaceous Genus Newly Recorded in Korea
Ki wan Nam, Young Sik Kim
Algae. 1996;11(1):101-106.
107 Taxonomy of Chondria (Rhodophyta) in Korea
Yong-Pil Lee, Sang-Yong Yoon
Algae. 1996;11(1):107-139.
141 Two Species of Polysiphonia, P. scopulorum Harvey and P. flaccidissima Hollenberg (Rhodomelaceae, Rhodophyta) New to Korea
Myung Sook Kim, In Kyu Lee
Algae. 1996;11(1):141-148.
149 A Study on the Blue-green Algal Toxin of the Sonaktong Reservoir
Mee Jeung Park, In Young Hwang, Ae Ran Choi, Jin Ae Lee
Algae. 1996;11(1):149-154.
155 Effect of Ultraviolet-B Radiation on Ulva pertusa Kjellman (Chlorophyta). I. Growth and pigment Content
Taejun Han
Algae. 1996;11(1):155-159.
161 Diel Changes in Vertical Distributions of Microcystis in the Sonaktong Reservoir
Ae Ran Choi, Mee Jeung Park, Jin Ae Lee, Ik Kyo Chung
Algae. 1996;11(1):161-169.
171 Diversity and Abundance of Sublittoral Macroalgae around Daedo Island, the South Coast of Korea
Kwang Young Kim, Sung Hoi Huh, Gwang Hoon Kim
Algae. 1996;11(1):171-177.
179 Influence of Light Intensity and Temperature on Callus Cell Propagation and Differentiation to Bladelets from the Explants of Young Sporophyte of Kjellmaniella crassifolia Miyabe (Phaeophyta, Laminariales)
Masahiro Notoya, Hyung Geun Kim
Algae. 1996;11(1):179-182.
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