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69 The Diatom Genus Coscinodiscus Ehrenberg: C. jonesianus (Ehrenb.) Ostenfeld
Jin Hwan Lee
Algae. 1989;4(2):69-78.
79 A Taxonomic Study of the Genus Scenedesmus in Korea
Yoon Kyung Chang, Sun Sook Ann
Algae. 1989;4(2):79-85.
87 Spatial and Temporal Organization of Microtubules in the Cyst Formation of Acetabularia calyculus Quoy et Gaimard: Visual Observation on the Segregation of Cytoplasmic units
Ikuko Shihira-Ishikawa
Algae. 1989;4(2):87-96.
97 Taxonomy on the Elachistaceae (Chordariales, Phaeophyta) with Special Reference to Korean Plants
Yong Pil Lee
Algae. 1989;4(2):97-106.
107 Taxonomy of Sargassum
Tadao Yoshida
Algae. 1989;4(2):107-110.
111 Mixed Phase Reproduction of Platythamnion yezoense Inagaki in Culture
Gwang Hoon Kim, In Kyu Lee
Algae. 1989;4(2):111-119.
121 Evaluation of River Water Quality by Diatoms
Hiromu Kobayasi, Shigeki Mayama
Algae. 1989;4(2):121-133.
135 Succession of Diatom Assemblage in Lake Tairo-Ike, Miyakejima Island
Kazuhiro Katoh
Algae. 1989;4(2):135-142.
143 The Influence of Temperature Shift on the Photosynthesis of Two Marine Macrobenthic Algae, Cladophora densa and C. opaca
Nobuyasu Katayama, Munekatsu saitoh
Algae. 1989;4(2):143-147.
149 Vertical Distribution and Photosynthetic Pigments of Marine Green Algae
Yasutsuga Yokohama
Algae. 1989;4(2):149-163.
165 Vertical Distribution of Several Species of Macroalgae (Phaeophyta) along the Coasts of Aomori Prefecture, Japan
Masahiro Notoya, Yusho Aruga
Algae. 1989;4(2):165-170.
171 Algal Zonation and Seasonality in Subtidal Area of an Wave-exposed Coast at Ohori, East Coast of Korea
Chul-Hwan Koh, Sang-Hee Oh, Nackil Sung, Inyoung Ahn, Young-Chul Kang
Algae. 1989;4(2):171-182.
183 A Simple Method of Seaweed Axenic Culture
Masakazu Tatewaki
Algae. 1989;4(2):183-189.
191 A New Dialysis Culture Technique for Ecotoxicological Assay
Sinjae Yoo, Sejin Pae, Suk-Hyun Kim
Algae. 1989;4(2):191-198.
199 Cultivation of Laminaria japonica at Hachinohe, Aomori Prefecture, Japan
Shinji Kirihara, Masahiro Notoya, Yusho Aruga
Algae. 1989;4(2):199-206.
207 Crossbreeding in Cultivars of Porphyra yezoensis (Bangiales, Rhodophyta) - Preliminary Report
Akio Miura, Jong-Ahm Shin
Algae. 1989;4(2):207-211.
213 Alginic Acid in Corallinaceae (Cryptonemiales, Rhodophyta)
Megumi Okazaki, Keiko Tazawa
Algae. 1989;4(2):213-219.
221 The Effects of Heavy Metals in Seaweeds
Ik Kyo Chung, Jin Ae Lee
Algae. 1989;4(2):221-238.
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