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Harmful and Toxic Red Tide Algal Development and Toxins Production in Korean Coastal Waters
Chang-Hoon Kim, Jae-Beom Shin
Algae. 1997;12(4):269-276.
Gamete Recognition and Signal Transduction during Fertilization in Red Algae
Gwang Hoon Kim
Algae. 1997;12(4):263-268.
Systematics of Haptophyte Algae in Asia-Pacific Waters
Isao Inouye
Algae. 1997;12(4):247-261.
Algal Phenotypic Plasticity: its Importance in Developing New Concepts The Case for Scenedesmus
Eduardo A. Morales, Francis R. Trainor
Algae. 1997;12(3):147-157.
Marine Algal Community of Gyonggiman Islets on the West Sea of Korea
Wook Jae Lee, Hwan Su Yoon, Sung Min Boo
Algae. 1997;12(2):139-144.
Intertidal Benthic Marine Algae at Chumunjin on the East Coast of Korea: Flora, Distribution and Community Structure
Young Hwan Kim, Ki Wan Nam, Chul Hyun Sohn
Algae. 1997;12(2):117-130.
A Simple Method for RNA Extraction from Marine Macroalgae
Soon Hee Kim, Yoo Kyung Lee, Choo Bong Hong, In Kyu Lee
Algae. 1997;12(1):53-56.
Succession Pattern of Intertidal Benthic Algal Communities in Cheju Island
Young Hwan Kim, Seon Hong Park
Algae. 1997;12(1):23-30.
Bloom-forming Blue-green Alga, Microcystis flos-aquae, in the Lake around Reclaimed Area of Seosan
Gwang-Hoon Kim, Sam-Rae Cho, Hyeong-Tae Mun
Algae. 1996;11(2):239-242.
Diel Changes in Vertical Distributions of Microcystis in the Sonaktong Reservoir
Ae Ran Choi, Mee Jeung Park, Jin Ae Lee, Ik Kyo Chung
Algae. 1996;11(1):161-169.
A Study on the Blue-green Algal Toxin of the Sonaktong Reservoir
Mee Jeung Park, In Young Hwang, Ae Ran Choi, Jin Ae Lee
Algae. 1996;11(1):149-154.
Two Species of Polysiphonia, P. scopulorum Harvey and P. flaccidissima Hollenberg (Rhodomelaceae, Rhodophyta) New to Korea
Myung Sook Kim, In Kyu Lee
Algae. 1996;11(1):141-148.
Effects of Cooling System at Power Plant on Marine Algal Vegetation
Young Hwan kim, Sang Il Choi
Algae. 1995;10(2):121-141.
Additions to the Fresh-Water Algae in Korea (VI)
Sook Lye Jeon, Yoon Kyung Chang
Algae. 1995;10(1):29-36.
Fresh-water Algae New to Korea (VI)
Jun Chung, Han Soon Kim
Algae. 1994;9(2):115-124.
Preliminary Studies on the Ecology of Neritic Marine Diatoms in Maxwell Bay, King George Island, Antarctica
In-young Ahn, Hosung Chung, Jae-Shin Kang, Sung-Ho Kang
Algae. 1994;9(1):37-46.
A Systematic Study on the Genus Hypnea (Gigartinales, Rhodophyta) in Korea
Woong Ghi Shin, Sung Min Boo
Algae. 1994;9(1):7-20.
Fresh-water Algae New to Korea(IV)
Han Soon Kim, Jun Chung
Algae. 1994;9(1):1-6.
Sphacelariales (Phaeophyceae) of the World, a New Synthesis
Willem F. Prud'homme van Reine
Algae. 1993;8(2):145-160.
Discovery, Early History and Phylogeny of Prochloron
Ralph A. Lewin, Lanna Cheng
Algae. 1993;8(2):91-97.
Growth Characteristics of Bloom-forming Blue-green Algae
Hae-Kyung Park, Se Uk Chejon, Jae Keun Ryu
Algae. 1993;8(1):47-54.
The Use of Cellular Probes in Studying Marine Phytoplankton
Lawrence Fritz
Algae. 1992;7(2):319-324.
Algal Calcification: Its Contribution to the CO sub(2) Problem
Megumi Okazaki
Algae. 1992;7(1):147-154.
Distribution Pattern of Macroalgae in the Eastern Yellow Sea, Korea
Chul-Hwan Koh, Sang-Hee Oh
Algae. 1992;7(1):139-146.
Marine Algal Succession in a Perturbated Intertidal Community
Young Hwan Kim, Jong Su Yoo, Jee Hwan Kim
Algae. 1992;7(1):131-137.
Marine Algal Communities around Three Nuclear Power Plants in Korea
Hong Kee Kim, Young Hwan Kim
Algae. 1991;6(2):157-192.
Marine Algal Flora and Community Structure of Chongsando Island on the South Sea of Korea
In kyu Lee, Do sung Choi, Yoon Sik Oh, Gwang Hoon Kim, Jae Wan Lee, Kwang Young Kim, Jong Su Yoo
Algae. 1991;6(2):131-143.
Vertical Distribution of Marine Algae on a Gallam Rocky Shore of the Mid-East Coast of Korea
Hosung Chung, Ho-Joon Lee, In Kyu Lee
Algae. 1991;6(1):55-67.
Phytogeographical Study on the Summer Marine Algal Distribution in Western Coast of Korea
Yeon-Suk Park, Young-Hwan Kim
Algae. 1990;5(1):39-50.
Algal Zonation and Seasonality in Subtidal Area of an Wave-exposed Coast at Ohori, East Coast of Korea
Chul-Hwan Koh, Sang-Hee Oh, Nackil Sung, Inyoung Ahn, Young-Chul Kang
Algae. 1989;4(2):171-182.
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