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Short-term Changes of Community Structure of Phytoplankton in Summer Around Namhae Island of Korea
Wol-Ae Lim, Chang-Keun Kang, Sook-Yang Kim, Sam-Geun Lee, Hak-Gyoon Kim, Ik Kyo Chung
Algae. 2003;18(1):49-58.
DOI: https://doi.org/10.4490/ALGAE.2003.18.1.049
         Cited By 2
Trophic States and Phytoplankton Compositions of Dam Lakes in Korea
Jung Ho Lee, Jong Gun Park, Eun Jung Kim
Algae. 2002;17(4):275-281.
DOI: https://doi.org/10.4490/ALGAE.2002.17.4.275
         Cited By 5
Seasonal Variation of Phytoplankton Community in the Naktong River
Jung Ho Lee, Jung Nam Kwon, Sang Yong Yang
Algae. 2002;17(4):267-273.
DOI: https://doi.org/10.4490/ALGAE.2002.17.4.267
         Cited By 11
Community Structures of Phytoplankton According to Environmental Factors in the Coastal Waters of Ullungdo and Tokdo Islands
Ji-An Jung, Eun-Yung Jo, Jae-Hoon Cha, Mi-Kyung Kim, Ki-Tae Kim
Algae. 2001;16(3):325-335.
Effects of the Antarctic Ozone Depletion on the Marine Phytoplankton
Sung-Ho Kang, Jae-Shin Kang, Sang Hoon Lee, Youn Ho Lee
Algae. 2001;16(3):303-314.
Seasonal Dynamics of Microalgal Assemblage at Tidepools in the Southern Intertidal Zone of Cheju Island, Korea
Joon-Baek Lee, Bumn Shynn, Moo-Hyung Lee
Algae. 2001;16(2):197-207.
Phytoplankton in Chinhae Bay: Ⅰ. Photosynthetic Properties and Primary Production in Variant Light Environments
Jong-Gyu Park, Sung-Hoi Huh, Hae Jin Jeong
Algae. 2001;16(2):189-196.
Structure and Dynamics of Phytoplankton Communities in the Natural Wetland, Yunchon-gun, Kyunggi-do
Jin Hwan Lee, Jung Eun Choi
Algae. 2001;16(2):157-163.
Studies on the Ecosystem in the Yeong-Il Gulf of Korea: I. Species Composition and Diversity of Phytoplankton Communities
Eun-Yung Jo, Jae-Hoon Cha, Mi-Kyung Kim, Ki-Tae Kim
Algae. 2000;15(1):49-59.
Bioecological Characteristics of Coral Habitats around Moonsom, Cheju Island, Korea: II. Community Dynamics of Phytoplankton and Primary Productivity
Joon-Baek Lee, Jong-Hun Choa, Dong-Woo Kang, You-Bong Go and Bong-Cheol Oh
Algae. 2000;15(1):37-47.
An Assessment of Trophic State by LTSI and Phytoplankton Community in Lake Tokdong
Yong Jae Kim
Algae. 1999;14(3):161-167.
The Community Dynamics of Phytoplankton and Distribution of Dinoflagellate Cysts in Tongyoung Bay, Korea
Young-Jak Kang, Tae-Hoon Ko, Jin-Ae Lee, Joon-Baek Lee, Ik-Kyo Chung
Algae. 1999;14(1):43-54.
Diel Patterns of Phytoplankton and Zooplankton Dynamics in Fish Hatchery Ponds
Jeong Ha Kim, Larry M. O'Flaherty
Algae. 1998;13(3):355-360.
Dynamics of Phytoplankton Community in Lake Chungju
Jee Hwa Kim, Young Hwan Kim, In Kyu Lee
Algae. 1998;13(3):339-354.
Ecological Characteristics of Phytoplankton Community in the Mid-and Downstream of the Han River
Yong Jae Kim, Myung Woon Kim, Sang Jong Kim
Algae. 1998;13(3):331-338.
Long-term Variation of Phytoplankton Biomass and Implication in the East and the South Sea, Korea
Jong-Gyu Park, Jae-Hyung Shim, Joon-Baek Lee
Algae. 1998;13(1):123-133.
Phytoplankton Communities in Fertilized Fish Ponds: Effects of Different Nutrient Loadings
Jeong-Ha Kim, Larry M. O'Flaherty
Algae. 1997;12(3):215-228.
Seasonal Variations of phytoplankton Communities in the Vicinity of Thermal Power Plants (Boryung and Seochon)
Jin Hwan Lee, Eun Ho Lee
Algae. 1997;12(2):105-115.
Contribution of Primary Production of Phytoplankton to Organic Pollution in a Eutrophic River, the Naktong River
Bom-Chul Kim, Gil-Son Hwang, Kwang-Soon Choi, Woo-Myung Heo, Won-Kyu Park
Algae. 1996;11(2):231-237.
A Study on the Phytoplankton in the Paldang Dam Reservoir II. The Changes of Phytoplankton Species Composition
Yoon-Kyung Chang, Sook-Lye Jeon
Algae. 1996;11(2):217-229.
Phytoplankton Community of Alalay Pond, Cochabamba, Bolivia
Eduardo A. Morales L. and Francis R. Trainor
Algae. 1996;11(2):207-215.
Phytoplankton Stoichiometry and Nutrient Status of the Sonaktong River
Jin Ae Lee, Ae Ran Choi, Ik Kyo Chung
Algae. 1995;10(1):37-44.
Season Dynamicsof Phytoplankton Community in the Naktong River Estuary, Korea
Kyung-Je Cho, Ik-Kyo Chung, Jin-Ae Lee
Algae. 1993;8(1):15-28.
The Effect of Low Cobalt and Vitamin B sub(12) Concentrations on Marine Phytoplankton Growth Rates
Won-Ho Yih
Algae. 1992;7(2):207-211.
Annual Dynamics of Phytoplankton Diatoms in Inchon Dock
Jin Hwan Lee, Jung Shin Byun
Algae. 1991;6(1):69-82.
Spatial and Temporal Distribution of Phytoplanktonic and Periphytic Diatom Assemblages of Naktong River Estuary
Kyung Je Cho
Algae. 1991;6(1):47-53.
The Structure and Dynamics of Phytoplankton Communities around the Coastline of Cheju Island, Korea
Joon-Baek Lee, You-Bong Go, Jong-Hun Choa
Algae. 1990;5(2):159-171.
Standing Crop of Phytoplankton in Lake Yongsan
Kwang Young Kim, Chung Il Choi
Algae. 1988;3(2):183-192.
An Occurrence and Distribution of Phytoplankton in Korean Coastal Waters, 1930's-1980's
Chang-Hwan Cho
Algae. 1986;1(1):135-143.
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