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Potential applications of radioprotective phytochemicals from marine algae
Jae-Young Oh, I. P. Shanura Fernando, You-Jin Jeon
ALGAE. 2016;31(4):403-414.   Published online December 15, 2016
DOI: https://doi.org/10.4490/algae.2016.31.12.1
[Review] The benthic marine algae of the tropical and subtropical Western Atlantic: changes in our understanding in the last half century
Michael J. Wynne1,*
ALGAE. 2011;26(2):109-140.
DOI: https://doi.org/10.4490/algae.2011.26.2.109
         Cited By 3
Marine Algae and Early Explorations in the Upper North Pacific and Bering Sea
Michael J. Wynne
ALGAE. 2009;24(1):1-29.
DOI: https://doi.org/10.4490/algae.2009.24.1.001
         Cited By 3
Flora and Community Structure of Benthic Marine Algae in Ilkwang Bay, Korea
Pil Joon Kang1, Young Sik Kim2 and Ki Wan Nam1*
ALGAE. 2008;23(4):317-326.
DOI: https://doi.org/10.4490/algae.2009.24.4.317
Community Structure of Benthic Marine Algae at Daejin and Jukbyeon on the Mid-East Coast of Korea
Jae Deok Shin1, Jung Kwan Ahn1, Young Hwan Kim1*, Sung Bok Lee2, Jeong Ha Kim3 and Ik Kyo Chung4
ALGAE. 2008;23(3):231-240.
DOI: https://doi.org/10.4490/algae.2008.23.3.231
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Effects of Heated Effluents on the Intertidal Macroalgal Community Near Gori Nuclear Power Plant
Young Hwan Kim*, Jung Kwan Ahn, Hee Dong Yoon and Min A Jang
ALGAE. 2007;22(4):297-304.
DOI: https://doi.org/10.4490/algae.2007.22.4.297
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Community Structure of Subtitdal Marine Algae at Uljin on the East Coast of Korea
Chang Geun Choi1*, Seok Nam Kwak2 and Chul Hyun Sohn3
ALGAE. 2006;21(4):463-470.
DOI: https://doi.org/10.4490/algae.2006.21.4.463
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Effects of Heated Effluents on the Intertidal Macroalgal Community near Wolseong, the East Coast of Korea
Young Hwan Kim* and Jung Kwan Ahn
ALGAE. 2006;21(4):453-461.
DOI: https://doi.org/10.4490/algae.2006.21.4.453
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Re-examination of the Type of Delesseria kurilensis Ruprecht (Delesseriaceae, Rhodophyta)
Michael J. Wynne
ALGAE. 2005;20(4):271-278.
DOI: https://doi.org/10.4490/algae.2005.20.4.271
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Ecological Characteristics of Marine Algal Communities at the Discharge Canals of Three Nuclear Power Plants on the East Coast of Korea
Young Hwan Kim* and Jung Kwan Ahn
ALGAE. 2005;20(3):217-224.
DOI: https://doi.org/10.4490/algae.2005.20.3.217
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Effects of Heated Effluents on the Intertidal Macroalgal Community near Uljin, the East Coast of Korea
Young Hwan Kim*, Jung Kwan Ahn, Jae Il Lee and Hee Moon Eum1
ALGAE. 2004;19(3):257-270.
DOI: https://doi.org/10.4490/ALGAE.2004.19.3.257
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Structural Characteristics of Benthic Algal Community in the Subtidal Zone of Yeongil Inner and Outer Bay
Jong Su Yoo
ALGAE. 2003;18(4):365-369.
DOI: https://doi.org/10.4490/ALGAE.2003.18.4.365
  Cited By 8
Ecological Study of the Marine Algal Community at the Coast of Taean Termal Power Plant, Korea
Jong Su Yoo, Yong Hwang Kim
ALGAE. 2003;18(4):311-320.
DOI: https://doi.org/10.4490/ALGAE.2003.18.4.311
  Cited By 3
Community Dynamics of Benthic Marine Algae in the Intertidal and Subtidal Rocky Shore of Samyang, Jejudo Island
Jong Su Yoo
ALGAE. 2003;18(4):301-309.
DOI: https://doi.org/10.4490/ALGAE.2003.18.4.301
         Cited By 4
Floristics and Biogeography of Marine Benthic Algae on the Coast of Kamchatka and Commander Islands
Nina G. Klochkova, Tatiana A. Klochkova
ALGAE. 2001;16(1):119-128.
Biodiversity and Distribution of Marine Benthic Organisms and Uses of Algal Resources in the Coastal Zone of Korea and Japan I. Benthic Marine Algae in the East Coast of Korea
In Kyu Lee, Young Hwan Kim
ALGAE. 1999;14(2):91-110.
Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis of Warm Tolerant Benthic Marine Algaein Korea 1. Kori Nuclear Power Plant
Young-Hwan Kim, Hee-Moon Eum, Yeon-Shik Kang
ALGAE. 1998;13(2):213-226.
Marine Algal Community of Gyonggiman Islets on the West Sea of Korea
Wook Jae Lee, Hwan Su Yoon, Sung Min Boo
ALGAE. 1997;12(2):139-144.
Intertidal Benthic Marine Algae at Chumunjin on the East Coast of Korea: Flora, Distribution and Community Structure
Young Hwan Kim, Ki Wan Nam, Chul Hyun Sohn
ALGAE. 1997;12(2):117-130.
Succession Pattern of Intertidal Benthic Algal Communities in Cheju Island
Young Hwan Kim, Seon Hong Park
ALGAE. 1997;12(1):23-30.
Effects of Cooling System at Power Plant on Marine Algal Vegetation
Young Hwan kim, Sang Il Choi
ALGAE. 1995;10(2):121-141.
Marine Algal Succession in a Perturbated Intertidal Community
Young Hwan Kim, Jong Su Yoo, Jee Hwan Kim
ALGAE. 1992;7(1):131-137.
Marine Algal Communities around Three Nuclear Power Plants in Korea
Hong Kee Kim, Young Hwan Kim
ALGAE. 1991;6(2):157-192.
Marine Algal Flora and Community Structure of Chongsando Island on the South Sea of Korea
In kyu Lee, Do sung Choi, Yoon Sik Oh, Gwang Hoon Kim, Jae Wan Lee, Kwang Young Kim, Jong Su Yoo
ALGAE. 1991;6(2):131-143.
Vertical Distribution of Marine Algae on a Gallam Rocky Shore of the Mid-East Coast of Korea
Hosung Chung, Ho-Joon Lee, In Kyu Lee
ALGAE. 1991;6(1):55-67.
Phytogeographical Study on the Summer Marine Algal Distribution in Western Coast of Korea
Yeon-Suk Park, Young-Hwan Kim
ALGAE. 1990;5(1):39-50.
A Study on Colonization and Succession of Marine Algae Using an Artificial Substratum
Kim Young Hwan
ALGAE. 1987;2(1):73-91.
FTIR characterization and antioxidant activity of water soluble crude polysaccharides of Sri Lankan marine algae
I. P. Shanura Fernando , K. K. Asanka Sanjeewa , Kalpa W. Samarakoon , H. H. Chaminda Lakmal, Won Woo Lee, Hyun-Soo Kim, Eun-A Kim, U.K.D.S.S. Gunasekara , D.T.U. Abeytunga , Chandrika Nanayakkara , E.D. de Silva , Hyi-Seung Lee, You Jin Jeon
Received September 8, 2016     Accepted December 1, 2016     Published online December 1, 2016
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